What people are saying about John Gatti's "Destinations"

"This man creates soundscapes filled with melody, emotion and life. This music reaches out to your spirit and pulls you out of whatever notions you may have had about these noises we hear as music. I would say that he would be knocking them dead in modern jazz circles."

Glenn Carella, D.J. The Road Less Traveled, Area24Radio


"A one man musical travelogue"

"This is sit back and relax type jazz. The works are unusually strong...while the recording sounds like there is an ensemble and even an orchestra present on the various tracks, the music is all from Gatti—from the compositions to the piano playing to the 'remainder of the crew'—all the workings of his mastery of the synthesizer."

Grady Harp, writer, Amazon reviewer, reviewer for Poets and Artists magazine


"John Gatti spins musical sugar with 'Cotton Candy', this tribute to Yankee Stadium on his newly released CD, 'Destinations'."

Ted Hasiuk, Cafe Jazz, Fresh Trax 3/20/11


"We had the pleasure of reviewing a wonderful smooth jazz album, 'Destinations' from the very talented John Gatti."

Rick Busciglio, Music historian and reviewer for Big Band Examiner


"Have enjoyed listening to each track. I liked the CD so much I had to listen to it twice. I think you have a winner!"

Dave Drummond, Commander, Chapter One Garden State American Ex-POWs


"Wow, what a great CD. I'm up to track 7, definitely my kind of music, and I haven't even finished or read the liner notes. I almost ran out of gas in the car listening—didn't realize the tank was on "empty"! Don't worry, I made it to the station and back home happier than when I left. You made my day."

Lorraine Schur